HANZA-logo-webEstablished in 2006, Homeshare Australia & New Zealand Alliance Inc. (HANZA) is a not-for-profit organisation increasing lifestyle choices for older, disabled and younger people. Driven by volunteers, it is a collaborative partnership between Homeshare providers and potential providers across Australia and New Zealand.

HANZA is the peak body for Homeshare services providing information, advice and resources about Homeshare and connects Homeshare programs within Australia and New Zealand to international programs. HANZA is a clearing house of information for people wishing to establish a Homeshare program or those looking to find a Homeshare organisation in their community.

HANZA does not register Householders or Homesharers to help them find a shared living arrangement, nor does it have legal authority over Homeshare programs listed on this website.

Members’ fees provide the major funding available to HANZA. Donations to HANZA Inc. of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.

The objectives of HANZA Inc. are to work in a co-operative way:
– To achieve recognition and acceptance of Homeshare as a means of assisting individuals, families, communities and governments to meet their goals in relation to inclusive communities, affordable housing, and positive and healthy ageing and living with disability.
– To achieve recognition and acceptance of the International Homeshare Model as the valid model for Homeshare in Australasia.
– To achieve a long term sustainable financial model for Homeshare.
– To facilitate the establishment throughout Australasia of Homeshare.
– To promote best practice in Homesharing across Australasia.

To download and view a full copy of HANZA Inc.’s Rules, click here.